About Me and My Modern Contemporary Artworks

When a piece of my modern contemporary art has the power to evoke deep feelings in a large number of people, it is considered great. Appreciating and understanding my artworks is possible for everyone; it does not require any special teaching, just an open mind and imagination - something that you have.

Not only my art, but also unique, high-quality artworks and unparalleled customer service are all available. My original modern contemporary art explore the intersection of nature and technology, the tangible and spiritual worlds, and the European cultures where I have lived and worked, as well as western interpretations of ancient visionary art from the east. The subject matter of my art has evolved to the point where it has something valid to say, and archival issues have been resolved, making it a legitimate subject for inclusion in serious collections. Subtle, textured works that depict the fractured architecture of nature with translucent overlays that seem to reveal their own pulse draw us into the mystical world.

My modern contemporary and abstract art creations emerge from my imaginative experiments and have become the newest genre of fine art worldwide. While new audiences might envision a festival of O'Keeffe, Dali, Kandinsky and Disney, the true celebration is in the eclectic vision of my collection alone. I merge the real with the artificial to construct new realities with new interpretive possibilities, creating confounding and delightful visual spectacles.

The result is a kind of art that is both extremely accessible and fascinatingly new.


Master of Arts in Fine Arts (M.F.A.) from Canterbury University, UK,

1994 Doctor of Arts in Fine Arts (D.F.A.) from Canterbury University, UK, 1997

Publications: Persistence of Vision, 1993 (ISBN: 2-910296-00-8)

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great day! Best regards, Roy

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